City Yarn: #BikeTO, 2016

City Yarn: #BikeTO is a mapping of Toronto's cycling infrastructure created with reflective string. Cycling continues to be a core issue for many people in Toronto and globally. Over half of Ontarians would like to cycle more often. Approximately three-quarters of Torontonians point to lack of infrastructure as a barrier to regular cycling. For years there has been a push for a minimum grid of separated, safe cycling lanes in order to promote active transportation options for everyone.

This piece displays the cycling infrastructure as it currently exists in Toronto. It includes bike lanes, cycle tracks and recreational trails. Commonly overlayed on a street map, here it is shown on its own emphasizing the fractured framework. A constellation of points hints of the broader street network, representing fatal and serious collisions sustained by cyclists in the city.

Hard Twist 11 - The Gladstone Hotel - Toronto, Ontario - 2016

Yarn, reflective thread, straight pins
32" x 40"

Photo taken with flash